The goal here isn’t mixing per se, but rather creating a system where video can be performed like a partner improvising to the music. We want to be able to perform just as much as a techno or hip-hop dj. This requires an interface more capable than a simple A/B video mixer.

So far the most capable system seems to be a computer with digitizing video input combined with other sources through a video mixer with a feedback loop. The computer still has a pretty terrible interface so that needs to be augmented with external controllers and sensors. Video feedback through a camera is one way to get direct human interaction with the video.

Current kit list:

  • laptop w/visualJockey and vvvv
  • USB video capture card
  • old-school two channel video mixer
  • dvd player
  • midi controller (soon-ish)
  • more USB video capture cards (soon-ish)
  • video switching matrix (soon-ish, need more inputs!)


Stuff to check out:





Data visualization:

Camera housings:


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Thanksgiving 2001. Photos by Jon Ross