Sweet! I can initialize my Spaceball from vvvv! spaceball is alive and well


I ordered a Spaceball 4000 FLX off of eBay (brand new, even). The trick now is to write a userspace driver for it in vvvv.

Linky: * http://www.3dgate.com/news_and_opinions/000222/0222spaceball.html * http://lxr.linux.no/source/drivers/char/joystick/spaceball.c?v=2.4.28 * https://www.talisman.org/~erlkonig/z/?wrapper=false&backgrounds=false * http://jedi.ks.uiuc.edu/~johns/projects/libsball/ * http://freshmeat.net/projects/libsball/


I wanna build a MIDI (or DMX) controller with a bunch of old skool Apple II style joysticks. Actually, the ideal size would be in between Apple II and the small joystick like on one of the FaderFox boxen. If I remember right, the Apple II has sliders on the bottom that you can use to turn off the spring return. The joysticks on RC plane controllers are pretty sweet.

Another approach would be to replace some of the pots in a DirectX gamepad.

Linky: * http://www.faderfox.de/LV1/Pict0056/pict0056.html * http://www.myoldcomputers.com/museum/perif/pics/applejoystick.jpg * Description of getting OEM Apple II style joysticks from CH Products - part # C100B0J-CJ


Considering changing my mixing setup. vvvv seems like it could be incredible for realtime generated stuff. The question is whether to use vJo for mixing, or possibly use it for content creation and do clip triggering in say resolume or Arkaos.

Food for thought re: using visualJockey during live performance:

quote:Originally posted by eXhale

I agree dropping clips during the mix isn't very convenient but with Resolume I usually prepare and save full decks beforehand. Is it possible with VJo3 to have something similar without going through big hassles? I don't know but anyway the fact VJo has to run on full screen would probably make the use of decks difficult (unless you are able to remember the position of 20 clips... or put stickers on your keyboard ).

I use the keyboard stickering quite a bit. The last show I did had 48 different Overlay FX triggered with the PC 1600x. For the main content I subdivide portions of the show, so if I am using 80 compositions, I might subdivide that into 8 folders in the playlist. This way I only need to use 8 keys on the keyboard. This doesn't give me the ability to pick and choose individual compositions, but I have so much stuff going on ( video cameras, audio mixer, video mixer, MIDI controller, mouse, joystick, and vJo) that I really don't care about that type of specificity. For vast quantities of AVIs, I might create compositions that have 2, 16 input mixers, mixed together. I control the cross fading with 3 MIDI faders and the bass frequency and maybe a function generator.


Geeked out with Sam at da rANCh. Played with vvvv and my new 640x480 capture dongle. Mapping live video onto a sphere was fun! Still some glitchiness in the system that I have to work out. Not getting the full frame rate, even with cpu usage below 100%. If I can get consistent smoothness, it could be the start of something amazingly great.

The hardware scaling on my ATI Mobile Radeon is way better than anything I've seen in software. And practically free!


Iron VJ was great. Good-sized crowd and everybody was into it. Definitely need a lot more work on my vJo setup for live performance. The interface sucks, so it seems like you need to have everything mapped to an external controller. The Cyberhomes were all right, but need to remember about that pesky OSD. Documenting is always a good idea.

suryummy carried his day with pre-rendered clips mixed using Arkaos. Bad-ass clips and good mixing live. With only 180 seconds, you needed to have clips with a lot of punch, and that generally means prepared in advance.


Slurp this:


I'm competing in "Iron VJ" at 1015 Folsom on Jan 13.

The Plan(tm):

  • create some vJo compositions
  • burn some stuff to DVD as loops
  • grab some stuff off DVD?
  • iPod videos?
  • photos of iPod ads?
  • iPod girly pics?
  • try to borrow a MIDI controllers?
  • see about borrowing a v4?
  • practice a 5 minute set
  • * mostly stay in vJo
  • * make sure MX-10 isn't going to freak out
  • ** check for loss of sync when switching dvds, etc
  • ideally make a separate set for each genre (so little time!)
  • investigate beat synching in vJo (look at the tap stuff)


Played around some more with the wireless video cam I got from SparkFun. Seems to work well around the house, even on different floors. There are often problems when moving -- might be due to the power connector. Video quality is okay. Would be nice to have a battery pack for the receiver.

Some more playing around with visualJockey.

To do:

  • figure out overlays in vJo
  • figure out editing software to make seamless-ish loops
  • * burn some more of those to dvd
  • get another cable for DV cam
  • figure out a battery pack for wireless vid receiver