mang’s pictures of the TikiCrawler!!!

Progress Report!!

’'’27Sept2004’’’ TikiCrawler3000 version 4!

Picture by CatWeasel</small>


Digital Potentiometer measurements:
0: 0.056 Kohm 127: 5.521 Kohms 255: 10.987 Kohms

Seems like 0.043 Kohm/step…. so 5Kohm / (0.043Kohm/step) = 116.3 steps 116: 5.045 Kohms. yup!



Foo made new front suspension! TikiCrawler3000, now with crazy four-wheel action!


Remote Control steering circuit works :)


TikiCrawler3000 version 2.0 is born on 18July on 2Cow Playa!!!

Picture by mang, ganked without permission :)


Got the Honda 1KW generator today :)


I ordered some big-ass solenoid relays (200A!) so hopefully soon we will have forward and reverse. 200A is in fact probably overkill, but that’s the way we do it. (mang)


TikiCrawler3000 version 1.0 is born on 4July in BlackRock!!!

Mr Foo is my hero!


The motor, she runs!


I think it’s gonna be hard to find a relay that can do 275A at 24-36VDC at short notice. Starting to think that recovering the forward-neutral-reverse control from the old golf cart and prodding it mechanically (linear actuator?) might be the way to go. Will make fail-safe a bit harder. (mang)


BattleBots requires use of FM/PPM or FM/IPD for their lightweight class and FM/PCM in their heavier classes. We should consider upgrading to FM before that event in the desert, although if we process the servo signal using an AVR we can potentially do a fail-safe in software.


While at the summer solstice bbq the hammock frame collapsed under a load of only 5 people! Need to figure out some way of reinforcing the beams.

Foo’s current plan for the frame involves two large water pipes with the hammock frame connected by U-bolts. The whole thing should disassemble and be transportable by car.


Measurements from RC receiver (when trimmed to center):

  • center 1.35ms
  • left .9ms
  • right 1.8ms

Measurements from Linear Actuator:

  • 0 -> 5.47Kohms (zero all the way in)
  • 9.9Kohms -> 4.45Kohms (9.9KOhms all the way in)


We are now in possession of the linear actuator and big motor speed controller! The next step is to make a control circuit that takes the output of the RC receiver module and positions the linear actuator correctly.


Yesterday we got the RC transmitter, receiver module, and electronic speed control!


Yesterday we procured the golf cart, hammock, and hammock frame. The hammock holds six people, all smooshed together :)

Parts List

  • Golf Cart
  • Rope Hammock
  • Fatuba Magnum Jr. Transmitter
  • Novak NER-2S RC receiver

Source code



front steering mechanism

rear drive module

here are some R/C motor controllers

hobby servo fundamentals

motor controller and wiring

batteries & charging

  • the micro closest to the battery could monitor voltage to provide estimated run time and warn (buzzer) when too low
  • charging batteries in series/parallel - parallel should be okay (lots of other good stuff there too)
  • Charger - DLS45 12 volt, 45 amp, 7”x6.75”x3.75”, 7 lbs $155 here
  • Diagram with where to put shunts when using ammeters pdf

tiki stuff