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The Rules:

Please don’t bring your ObTainium to RanchTronix! We don’t want your crap! List it here instead!

No one wants your crappy CRT monitor! Ignore Rule #1 and bring it to the ranch; raj will take it in for recycling for you!

We have too many crappy TVs at RaNChtronIx! Just put it out on the street in SF and it will be gone in minutes.

Crappy crappy crappity-crap!!!

Stuff from Raj that can be picked up at FooManor:

  • Anti-glare/ELF/VLF radiation-reducing filter for 17” computer montior. Why the hell did I buy this?
  • External SCSI cd-burner. I took an internal Philips burner and put it in an external case. I forget if the internal burner was an IDE or SCSI device. I think it’s 8x write. Whateverr.
  • Kensington RS232 mouse. Good for your FreeBSD server!
  • Humidifier. I needed this for my Pittsburgh apartment. That apartment sucked so much. This thing might be good if your house gets dry in the winter.
    • to jessica
  • NetGear RT314 4-port router/gateway. If you have a cable modem, you might want one of these! It has a great firewall, NAT, and port forwarding.
    • to dodger
  • Stuff not claimed by Dec 1 will be donated to BernalHeights senior center.