Note that KneesUp has changed locations. No longer at Hush Hush.

So here's the word, bird: Knees Up has found a new home, at Milk in the Upper Haight. Milk is a great new space; a sweet and spacious DJ bar with a kickin' system (it used to be the Galaxy) and is right across the street from Amoeba. And to go with our new digs, Knees Up has a new beer special: a pint of Foster's for $1. Oi!

Some things, however, like the eclectic music, friendly crowd, cheap $2 cover, killer drink specials (and don't forget free snacks!) will NOT change. But to keep it simple, Knees Up is on 1st and 3rd Fridays. And for you diehard PBR fans, Milk has Pabst on tap. (But it'll cost ya more than a quarter.) We'll also be handing out the last bits of our Pabst stuff (some hats, etc.) to some of you longstanding regulars too!