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So the question come up this time a year.  "What kinda hose should
I use for me propane flame dohicky"

I buy my stuff from []( parts that are particularly useful

Hose Assemblies.
7976A34  12' Hose With 9/16"-18 Lh (B-Size) Fittings $18.40 Each
(Note the hose comes with 9/16 left handed threads which is as
    it should be)

Tank Fitting
7976A21  Propane Torch Adapter Bulk Tank-To-Hose Connector W/Pol
         Valve  $6.60 Each

Couplers to Convert 9/16 Lh fitting to 1/4inch NTP
7920A4   Welding Hose Coupler 9/16"-18 (B-Size), Lh To Lh Threads,
         For Fuel Gas $0.91 Each

Buying one of each allows you to assemble a hose with a POL valve
connector on one end and a 1/4inch NTP fitting on the other. Total
cost is about $25 clams.

Mr Foo
Propane since 1833