FUCKO IS: Here’s the definition of “Fucko” from the Whovian unabridged Dictionary of Stuff and Things

—— Fucko n. (pl. ‘fuckopodae’)

  1. A person who adheres to the principles of fuckosity as perpetrated by the infamous Fucko Decree of 2219. 2. A primate who squirts its own lactates into the eyes of passers-by for fun or profit 3. One who engages in irreverant “breaching experiments” to shock themselves (their sense of boundaries, ethics, philosophies, sexuality) or shock others. It is believed by researchers at Cornwallis University that the first fuckos performed these acts with a subtext of wishing to perform on themselves and others a kind of psycho-kinetic shock therapy. These theorists believe that the evolution of human potential may be enhanced when you push yourself and others through the psycho-kinetic philosophies of Fuckoism. However, since these researchers are also being investigated by the Combined University Ethics Commission, we at the Whovian unabridged Dictionary of Stuff and Things implore you to not give too much merit to those Cornwallian dip-sticks. We also implore you to more regularly brush your teeth. 4. A little known type of jetpack which failed to achieve commercial success in the 50’s due to the high number of users who shot in random directions while using the jetpack to never again be seen (hence the old ironic phrase “I saw you being a Fucko over there”). 5. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time than read this stuffy dictionary? For the love of dog, get away from your computer! Go do something! 6. goto 1.

—— Janky v?. (pl. ‘fuckopodae’)

  1. The epitome of dirt, grime, and disrepair.
  2. An action word that denotes bad taste with admiration.