Propane Info

Typical Properies: PropaneProperties

Materials: Good: Machined Brass Fitting Welded steel pipe. Buna-N

Bad: Cast red brass (pinholes)
     EDPM (Synthetic Rubber used in cheap air hoses)
     Natural Rubber (Commonly used for seals in sprinkler valves, faucets,


Machined Brass fittings and schedule 80 steel fittings and pipe are good.
Cast red brass and schedule 40 steel fittings are marginal.

Quick Connects and Hoses

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Random Notes

Pressure of Propane The pressure of propane straight from the tank varies radically with temperature. At 60F the pressure is 90psia, at 100F it's 170psia. I've seen stuff online that indicates that the pressure relief valve on most 20lb tanks will let go at around 375 psig.

Most hoses and fittings designed for propane service seem to be good for at least 300 psig. This would seem to rule out schedule 40 pipe, though it seems to be used a lot.

BBQ regulators regulate tank pressure down to about 5 inches of water, or 0.5 psig. (Natural gas from the street is also regulated down to this pressure.