Places we’ve tried (please add comments)

  • Custom PCB - based in Malaysia. Accepts Eagle .brd files. Accepts multiple designs in a single order and will depanelize (for a fee, of course). Fast, cheap, good! Did an order with 3 designs, double-sided, solder mask both sides. Total of 24 boards (1”x1.25” each) for about $4 each delivered. With close traces, they might bleed into each other. Go as big and widely spaced as you can.
  • AP Circuits - based in Alberta. I’ve used them before. Not so cheap but fast and good. (mang)

Other places

Design software


  • PCB FAQ - nice tutorial on making your own PCBs
  • $40 tank w/heater and agitator here


  • Nice example of how to use EagleCAD to design for stripboard here


  • SMT soldering tutorial using an AVR dev board here

mang’s notes to his own bad self

  • putting a square pad on pin 1 of headers is good, but a larger rectangle would be better (single row headers only)
  • some text (e.g. ADC, Vin) on top side next to headers would be good
  • should mark pin 1 on ICs
  • with AVR no need to make LEDs negative logic
  • 1”x1.25” seems to be a good size for CustomPCB (24 boards in their standard size order)
  • surface mount coin cell holders could be a good thing
  • SOT-223 voltage regulators look interesting
  • make your traces as large and widely spaced as possible
  • remember to leave space for mounting holes, if that’s your thing