Parts for a New Betsy

The basic idea is to increase the holding capcity to 1 gallon. And to make the launch tube and ascociated components out of a material than can handle alcohol and alkali metal salts.

Launch Tube Material Notes: Launch Tube Material

Launch Tube Design Notes: Launch Tube Configation

Nickel Plated Launch Tube Nickel Plate

Currently thinking about either using a long 2” diameter launch tube or a twin 1.5” diameter launch tube.

These parts will need to be carefully butt welded together to make the launch tube. This may require a skilled welder. Pay for with mucho beer.

If a 2” diameter design is used then a 1” diameter pipe will need to be bent into a 5 inch u-bend.

Main Launch Valve:

Valve needs a high CV and the ability to withstand alcohol and metal salts. A valve with Buna N seals and a stainless steel body would be best. Failing that a chrome plated brass valve might work ok. A 3/4 inch valve seems to be okay for the current design. If the diameter of the launch tune is increased then the valve size needs to be increased.

1   3/4" 12V Solenoid operated pilot valve.<br>

Pressure Tank:

Betsy uses a 3ft section of black pipe capped at both ends as the pressure tank. The main requirement for the tank is that the capsity needs to be on the order of the size of the launch tube. In this case 1 gallon. A stainless steel tank with a 1” port would be prefered. Possibly a small fire extenguisher tank.

These guys might be able to make a tank

Qty(1) ???

Safety System

The following parts are needed.

Fuel System

Fuel System Research [BetsyFuelSystem]

Qty(1) Yammaha DP-10, Dual Diaphram Pump 6pgm

Qty(1) 20 feet 1” dia fuel hose?
Qty(1) 12 gallon fuel tank rated for Alcohol Qty(1) 12 psig pressure relief valve.

Qty(3) Colorators (design unknown)

Filler Hose and Check Valve
Qty(1) 1” Check vavle stainless with Buna N seals.
Qty(1) 1” coupler stainless. (May Have)

Pressure System
Qty(1) 80 cuft nitrogen tank. (Note CO2 might work fine in this app because “carbonization of the fuel” isn’t a problem with this design.
Qty(1) High flow regulator. Remains to be seen if the regulator that I have can be used.
Qty(1) Pressure relief valve. 150 psig.
Qty(1) Pressure switch 100 psig
Qty(1) Pressure drain valve.

Ignition System
Qty(1) Propane Fueled Ring Ignitor.
Qty(1) Propane Torch
Qty(1) Electric Ignitor.