Even more like Ethonol, Methonol burns with a colorless flame making it suitible for producing colored flames. It is also cheaper than Ethonol.

WARNING: Methanol burns with an almost invisible flame making it excelent in colored fire applications. However it is toxic and can will cause blindness (by making the optic nerves swell). In particular it can be absorbed through the eyes! Yikes

Typical Properties: MethonolProperties

Materials for Methonol + Metal Salts

Note many metals are compatible with methonol. However methonol + alki salts is a different matter. Material compatible with methonol are


440 Stainless (Important! Copper Chloride eats stainless for lunch) Buna-N Viton Polyethylene Polypropalene PVC (Strange but true)


Steel (Black Pipe etc) Brass Copper Aluminum?

Safety Methonol is poisonous and can make you blind. Can be absorbed through the skin and eyes.


Methonol is harder to get than Alcohol which can be bought at hardware stores. I potential source of Methonol is Racing fuel stores.