I’m not sure this original message went out to everyone, so here it is again, plus some updates:

Please bring some firewood. I’ll bring some sort of burn barrel thingy.

Please remember to police your camp well before you leave.

Blair says the playa is really dusty this year, but the weather is glorious, and hot, but not too hot.

MOTA, Mona, Bryan and Dennis each appear to be headed out Wednesday morning. As Dennis suggests: “I shall leave from work Wednesday evening - … And is”the grader” still around ? I don’t remember seeing it for a couple of years. How about directions on the grader (if it’s there) and if not then at the base of those BLM signs just as you drive onto the playa at the 12 mile exit?

And so we don’t get confused and follow some other group’s directions - let’s proactively identify our directions as being to: PASTOR DODGER’S DESERT BIBLE STUDY

Looks like we have a race between Mona, Mota and Me… I remember the grader being gone also… So how about this… Whoever is first… “PASTOR DODGER’S DESERT BIBLE STUDY”Put directions on the grader (if it is there) otherwise, put directions on the BACK of the BlackRockCity playa ramp sign.

General directions (paraphrased from Dodgers post):take 12 mile ramp following track along the NW edge of the playa (towards Solders Meadow) When the Black Rock is due East (there may be a pole/tower still there) turn East and head for the (wait for it) Black Rock. [take care to look for wet spots] About 2-5 miles before the Black Rock should be the place. About: GPS40°54’42.8” -119°06’11.2” - BURNINGMAN 96 or a little North and East of there.


On 27 Jun 2003 at 13:41, dodger@ookeek.org wrote:

You’re receiving this e-mail because you at one time express some interested in accompanying some folks to Black Rock Desert for the 4th of July. I tried to err on the side of inclusiveness. If you don’t want to be on all the e-mails uhhh sorry, let me know and I’ll try to pull you off.

Okay, here’s the (lack of :) details for meeting on Black Rock for 4th of July:

Seems like the first person (Dennis Hescox?) will be arriving sometime midday Thursday or slightly later. Is anyone thinking they might be there earlier?

If the first person there can pick a spot, and post directions on the road grader.

We’re shooting to camp west of the Black Rock and the Black Rock springs, in a non-windy/dusty area, perhaps easy commuting distance from the Space Lounge people. (SpaceLon says: “we’ll be where we’ve been for the past three years, up near Black Rock. we’ll camp close but a comfortable distance away from you, or you guys can camp a comfortable distance away from us if we arrive first.”). This is the general area where we camped for the 4th of July in ’99, ’01 and ’02 (for 4th of Julplaya and Nephology).

Basically, you go to the 12 mile on-ramp (that’s the one 12 miles N of Gerlach), head north on the Soldier Meadows road (the one that leads further up the playa) and when the Black Rock is on your right, head towards it and find the camp. I’ll firm up directions a bit when I get near a map.

Whos’ coming: look at the list above. I invited people from nephrology, the new moonie list, the diox list, and other friends of mine. look at the list above (now about 42 people). Some of them might be attend.

Who’s invited: you. Your close friends. People you think really oughta be there. You’re clever, be a good judge about whether they’re a good addition..

Who’s not invited: more huge groups of people. If they wanna come out, it’s be great for them to camp a small distance away from us in their own group.

What’s provided: nothing. Just a location and time.

What to bring: Make your own potty arrangements, alone or with your friends. Bring Shade. Bring kitchen implements and tents. Bring lots of water. Bring art. Bring your brain.

That’s about all I have to contribute. This and everything else is now up to your interpretation.

Woohoo! Playa!