Public performance of some of Jesse’s field recordings! Jesse sez:

A San Francisco dance group, [FatChanceBellyDance,](FatChanceBellyDance,.html) asked me to put together some nature sounds to open their show next weekend September 12 and 13. There are three shows (Fri/8pm, Sat/2pm, Sat/8pm) and tickets are $15-20. Here is the flyer: []( This represents the first public performance of my audio and it's been fun to work with FCBD. For those of you who can't make it to the theater I made a web version that you can listen to: []( -Jesse

The Archos Jukebox will crash when recording long files due to braindead firmware. But some kind hackers have made their own!

Recording is limited to 160kbps VBR mp3.

The Nomad Jukebox 3 has nice specs but recording is limited to 2GB. And when you hit that, I believe you lose your file (d’oh).

Check out the iRiver iHP-100 10GB here. Optical input and output, plus .wav capability. No idea if it has a 2gig/file limit though.