first draft of a curriculum:

engineering for fuckos curriculum

Beam Theory

strength of structures tensile / compressive loads materials wind load beer

12v power systems lead-acid batteries charging voltage and current inverters running power tools off an inverter chargers car power systems: alternator isolators photovoltaic case study: heart of darkness? furmobile? cinnabar charm?

el wire construction drivers control case study: amb-amb

fiber optics endglow vs sideglow sizes light sources

leds voltage / current relationship for leds and for resistors brightness units basic color theory

microcontrollers programmers assemblers compilers pic avr drivers: transistors/mosfets/darlingtons/driver arrays/triacs

propane tanks lines couplings vapor pressure pilot lights valves flamethrowers gas vs. liquid taps frozen lines safety

high voltage ignition systems tesla coils van de graaf generators

fire additives media - propane / methanol / ethanol / … colors sparks toxicity delivery

motor control pwm servos steppers linear actuators

jets pulsejets turbines carburetors / fuel injection