I've pretty much given up on using Gasoline in Betsy. Frankly gasoline, propane, and desmell fireballs are over done.

The next step is to use Alcohol with salts to color the flame.

I've used Boric Acid and Strontium Chloride in Besty and the results are fabo. Big green and red flames.

What I would like to do is to be able to select the flame color in real time. My previous thoughts on this was to use seperate tanks for each color.

Lately I've been thinking about designing an inline Colorator. The idea is to have a tube full of powdered whatever. Alcohol would then flow through the tube and pick up the colorant on the way to the launch tube.

One would have three or four seperate colorators and a valve on the inlet to select the color. You could then select a color by slecting which of the four colorators the alcohol flows through. It might be possible to mix colors by selecting two colorators at the same time.

This would allow one to use exactly one fuel pump (probably a air opperated diaphram pump) and a 35 or 55 gallon drum full of methono instead of three or four different fuel tanks. A problem with this is that you really need one pump per tank which gets expensive fast. (Using a valve to select a tank is a problem because the pumps I've used have limited ability to suck.

One also would not have to worry about corrosion with the pump or the fuel tank.


== Colorant Injector ==