Walter from Tribe writes this recommendation:

’'’Date’’’ February 10, 2004 05:13 PM

’'’Title’’’ BEST mechanics in SF. Ever.

’'’Message’’’ I was driving a friend to the airport last week when my rear left wheel came off. I’m told this happens a lot more than you’d think.

After being towed to the closest repair shop, I received an estimate of $1100. As I’m not literally made of money, I did some shopping around and discovered Carlos and Lorgio.

C&L have a new repair shop in Bayview, and they were able to fix my vehicle for $450 below my original estimate. Their customer service skills are EXCELLENT.

These guys towed my car from the first shop that was going to gouge me to their own facility, where they repaired my car at a significant savings. What’s more, they drove me to work last Friday as a courtesy and stopped by my office at lunchtime with my repaired vehicle.

What’s more, they even washed my car before dropping it off.

C&L specializes in Volkswagens and Japanese cars, they’re ASE certified, and they accept credit cards. These guys are the bomb, and they will have my business as long as I own a car in SF. If you need a repair, or just a scheduled service, give ‘em a call. Tell them Walter sent you.

Carlos & Lorgio (415) 254-2788 or (415) 508-1062

’'’Location’’’ San Francisco, CA

A post by somebody on Tribe…

:After literally two months of searching for a garage that I could trust with my ‘63 Dart, I discovered McAlindon’s Auto Repair. Brian McAlindon (the owner) impressed me as someone who was honest, thorough and knowledgable about older cars–an increasingly difficult combination to find in a mechanic. I’ve had his shop do many different repairs to my car, and they’ve always done great work, while trying to keep the cost as low as possible for me (believe it or not!). At $60 an hour, they’re cheaper than many garages, and he’s proven to be totally trustworthy. They’re located at 1270 Valencia, between 23rd and 24th Streets, in the Mission. Their number is 282-2200, and they’re open Mon-Fri, 7-6. Give ‘em a try, and I doubt you’ll be disappointed.