Alcohol Info

Typical Properties: AlcoholProperties

Alcohol is interesting because it burns with a dim flame and therefor can be used to make colored fire. Fuels like gasoline and desmell produce a flame rich in soot (carbon dust) which emits black body radiation (broad spectrum) which washes out the color.

Many Salts will disolve in alcohol.

Methanol burns with an almost invisible flame making it excelent in colored fire applications. However it is toxic and can will cause blindness (by making the optic nerves swell). In particular it can be absorbed through the eyes! Yikes.

Ethanol because it has two linked carbon atoms produces a brighter flame. But has the advantage of being non-toxic.

Materials for Alcohol + Metal Salts

Good 404 Stainless Steel (Not for Copper Chloride!) PVC Buna-N Viton Polyethylene Polypropalene

Bad Steel (Black Pipe etc) Brass Copper Aluminum?

Colorants for Alcohol

Strontium Chloride:  Red
Sodium Chloride:     Yellow
Boric Acid:          Grreen to yellow green
Calcium Chloride:    Orange
Lithium Chloride:    Lilac